Our Warranty

Jacobs yacht cradles and motor boat stands provide a 7 year warranty against structural defects caused by defects of workmanship and corrosion.

The following are specifically excluded from our warranty:

  • Minor corrosion that has no effect on structural integrity of the cradle
  • Defects caused by improper use or abuse of our product
  • Failure of the cradle due to improper setting up of the product
  • Failure of the cradle when supporting a yacht for which cradle was not specified.
  • Failure of the cradle in extreme weather conditions where the yacht has been laid up in an exposed position and the following have not been complied with:
  • Use of load binders, or strops
  • Use of base extensions
  • Where keel has not been restrained from lateral movement (rolling). This can be avoided by chocking in between the centre rails and keel.
  • Cradle not anchored to the ground with the use of ground anchors

For you and your yacht's safety:

  • All cradles should be specified to suit exact length, beam,draft,and type of yacht or motor boat
  • All yacht cradles, and motor boat stands should be galvanised to BS 729
  • Jacobs yacht cradles fully endorse and support the BMIF guidelines for the laying up of yachts and motor boats while ashore
  • Cradle base widths must be wider than maximum beam width of yachts to facilitate a cradle arm angle of 50-70 degrees
  • Storage of yachts and motor boats while ashore must be undertaken by competent personnel
  • If the mast is left stepped and cradle positioned in very exposed location base extensions may be needed.
  • At all times yachts should be load binded or stropped into cradles
  • Cradles should only be used for yachts as specified
  • Adjusting screws should be greased on a regular basis
  • Cradles should be inspected on a yearly basis
  • Locking pins, lynch pins, and R clips provided with cradles must be used at all times.