A Superb Cradle!

Just sending you a quick email to say thanks for the superb cradle.I will have no worries about the coming winter gails.

- D Holman, Falmouth

I made the right decision!

I looked at three cradle options from cradle manufactures, and took the advice from SYH Levington.I made the right decision; a superb cradle.Many thanks.

- J Howard Sawbridge, Bridgeworth

The cradles are fantastic!

The cradles are fantastic, I will be placing another order for four more just after Christmas!

- J Torstead Alvanes, Norway

Expect more phone calls!

The cradle arrived on time, wonderful piece of kit.I've had many comments - all positive, expect more phone calls!Once again, many thanks.

-R Markam, Hollyhead

Assembled in twenty minutes!

A superb six leg cradle, assembled in twenty minutes with no tools needed, fits perfectly.

- Mr Minter, Southampton